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  • Yes, you can send in women's clothing in any size and in a mixture of sizes. As long as they meet the SWISH quality criteria, then we are happy receive them.

  • Currently we are focusing on just women’s clothing - so please only send women's clothing at the moment. We expect to announce soon that we will be accepting men's and children's clothing too.

  • There's no need for a QR code reader. Most modern Apple and Android phones have a QR code scanner built in. Open your "Camera" app and point your phone's camera at the QR code. Check your phone's manual or search online for more information on how to scan a QR Code. If for whatever reason you can't scan a QR code on the Swish bag, you can visit and enter the code under the QR code manually - it will look something like SW12345678

  • There's no need to get proof of postage as the InPost machines notifiy us automatically when you drop off the parcel. However, if you are sending high value items and are concerned, then you can enter your email address when prompted on the InPost Locker and it will send you a proof of drop off to your email address.

  • Many people are already decluttering via local charity shops or selling items themselves online. SWISH is just another way of making it easier for people to do the right thing and NOT send their unwanted clothes to landfill. Do what works for you - but keep it out of landfill!

  • It takes 3-4 weeks to process all your items and upload them to our selling platforms. Once on sale, you will see the status of the item change to indicate where it is on sale.

  • If you send your SWISH bag back via InPost, then the return postage is deducted from the final price your clothes acheive. No need to pay anything upfront.

  • When you register one or more SWISH bags, you can access your dashboard via the website. It shows a list of the bags you have registered and the items you have sent to us. This will update with the details of what has happened to each item.

  • Each SWISH bag is associated with an online merchant or charity. At the point of registration, you can opt to share some or all of the proceeds with your nominated charity. Once a bag has been registered, this association cannot be changed, and the rewards will be shared as you specified. You can see an example break down here.

  • We are sorry that currently, we have no way of being able to return items that have been sent in and added to our systems.

  • As we are sharing the rewards from the sale it is in our joint interest to maximise the price we can achieve. However, over time, if there is no interest we may need to reduce prices to make sure your item eventually sells. So while we would all like our much loved item to go for the highest possible price, we have to be realistic to make sure things sell eventually. If you have strong views on what something is worth and that you know someone will buy it at that price, why not sell yourself and keep all the cash?

  • No need for a smart phone - as long as you can get on the internet you can register your bag. You can visit and enter the code under the QR code manually - it will look something like SW12345678. The system will then confirm a 9-digit code needed by the InPost locker - make a note of this, and enter it on the locker when you want to drop your SWISH Bag off.

  • The bag is designed to fit nicely in an InPost Locker so we are sure your parcel can be dropped off. If the bag is full - ask for another bag so you can return more. You can send any size of box or bag to us using Royal Mail or another courier service, but you will be responsible for the delivery charges. Make sure to include the SWISH Bag that you have registered so we know the items belong to you!

  • We are working to widen the list of charities so if your favourite is missing, visit the Contact Us page and let us know the charity you would like us to add.

  • Occasionally, it just isn't possible to find a new home for an item. All items will be given at least 180 days of being available for sale via one or more of our channels. After that, we will begin reducing the price and including the item in further promotions to try and get it sold. However, eventually we may need to find a new home for your item which results in no rewards for you. We work with a range of UK charities who can directly benefit from an unsellable item - whatever happens, it won't end up in landfill.

  • There are more than 4000 InPost lockers in the UK so hopefully you will find one nearby or close to an amenity you regularly use (local supermarket, shopping centre, town centre etc). If you would prefer to return a bag in person or using Royal Mail (or another courier), simply drop it off or send it to SWISH, Unit 4, Perth Court, Eleventh Ave North, Gateshead NE11 0NJ at your own expense.

  • Even small faults can make an item difficult to sell and may mean that an item can't be listed. Please make sure your item meets the SWISH quality criteria as outlined in our terms and conditions.

  • Each SWISH bag is linked to the organisation who supplied it and the type of rewards offered depend on their criteria. For example, if you got a bag from Ethical Superstore, you will be rewarded in reward points which you can spend on your next purhcase from their store. If you got signed up for a bag directly from SWISH or from Green Heart Collective, then your reward will be in vouchers for spending online at

  • The word SWISH comes from the eco-shopping activity of swishing. Swishing (deriving from the dictionary definition of 'to rustle, as silk' - which in the eyes of the swishing team means 'to rustle from friends') began in 2000 when Lucy Shea, founder of green PR firm Futerra, and her colleagues wanted to come up with a way to combine a love of retail shopping without contributing to increased consumption. SWISH is the modern twist on that idea. Come and join the SWISH revolution.

  • For data protection reasons,we will not pass your details on to the charity directly. However, if you have registered for a SWISH bag via a charity website, the money you earn for them should be linked to your original request.

  • All items must meet the following criteria:
    * Be in excellent condition - free from any damage, rips or tears. Free from bobbling, pet hair, stains, discolouration and alteration from how the original item was sold.
    * Be an original - please do not send us copies or fakes.
    * Be recently cleaned, from a Smoke free home, and free from any harsh odours, dust, damp or mildew.
    * Be an adult women's or men's garment.

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© 2023. All rights reserved. SWISH is the trading name of Green Heart Collective Ltd

© 2023. All rights reserved. SWISH is a trading name of Green Heart Collective Ltd